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Joe McAfee

Consultant/Technical Instructor

Joe McAfee is a technical trainer and maintenance consultant with thirty years of progressive experience in plant maintenance and equipment management. Mr. McAfee has expertise in the areas of electro pneumatics, hydraulics, HVAC (including boilers), and fluid power. His career includes shop floor electrical experience, process and manufacturing engineering, department management, and maintenance management.

Joe’s training and experience includes managing a $1.8 million budget for maintaining 280,000 square foot manufacturing facility. He managed the plant utilities, including 750 hp boiler, 2400 scfm air compressor capacity, 5000 KVA electrical distribution system, and 1000 ton air conditioning system. At Timex, he was responsible for maintaining manufacturing equipment for a high automation operation, including zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, machining operations, presses, lathes, rolling, wet plating, and vapor deposition plating processes. This was a 24/5 operation.

Over the years, Joe has been involved in the design and implementation of a PLC control system to upgrade process equipment. He has helped reduce maintenance costs for manufacturing operation in a secondary machining department by 37.9% over a 2-year period through standardization of control designs and an aggressive preventive maintenance program while maintaining a solid production schedule. Because of Joe’s extensive experience using his technical skills throughout the manufacturing environment and at various levels of management, he knows his subjects from all points of view.

In addition to giving professional lectures and teaching assignments in the industry, Joe has many years of experience speaking to groups outside of his work. Mr. McAfee holds a ASU-BB in Engineering Technology from Arkansas State University and a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from University of Arkansas. He currently serves on numerous professional committees related to industrial and electronics advisory services in his locale.

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