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John Ross

Senior Consultant

Dr. John Ross is a former Captain in the United States Air Force, and Desert Storm veteran. He is a distinguished graduate from both the Air Force’s Aircraft Maintenance Officers School, and the Squadron Officer’s School. He is a trained and experienced aircraft crash investigator, and a previous commander of an aircraft training detachment. His aircraft maintenance training unit was recognized not once, but twice by the Air Force as “Outstanding” and “providing exceptional maintenance instruction.” He is a charter member of the Lake Huron Toast Masters Association and its very first Competent Toastmaster.

John holds an Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, a Master’s in Aeronautical Science, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Management. John’s dissertation was titled “Leadership development for engineers and technical professionals - a case study”, and contains the thesis statement, “The seemingly disparate ideologies of management and leadership indicate that a successful outcome is more dependent on effective leadership than efficient management.” John has been an adjunct professor for Heartland Community College, his alma mater Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the University of Phoenix; having taught 7 semesters of undergraduate and 2 semesters of graduate courses. He is an ardent believer that we are not doing enough to teach the profession of our profession – maintenance reliability.

John has been a maintenance manager or plant engineer in the manufacturing, steel, and food industries. He has consulted in about every other industry on the principles of World Class Maintenance. His work and studies have taken him throughout North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Dr. Ross has been published in Maintenance Technology magazine, Plant Engineering magazine, and Uptime magazine. John is a Senior Consultant for, and proudly associated with Marshall Institute.

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