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Nick F. Flynn

Senior Consultant

Mr. Flynn is an industrial engineer with over 25 years of experience in program and project management and lean manufacturing practices and processes, successfully completing projects budgeted as high as $14 million. While working in the aerospace and defense industries, he was responsible for leading Total Productive Maintenance and Continuous Improvement projects. In these roles, he promoted and organized activities throughout the factory to achieve greater equipment effectiveness and trained machine operators to share responsibility with maintenance for routine inspection, cleaning, and minor repairs. This resulted in increased productivity and quality, optimizing equipment life cycle cost, and enhancing employee job knowledge and skills. Mr. Flynn also worked in the areas of facilities improvement, TQM process, Maintenance Management, 6 Sigma, Predictive Maintenance, and Visual Workplace.

His leadership in a Continuous Improvement effort resulted in an analysis of the condition of over 800 pieces of major production equipment and led the LCC improvement process to reduce yearly costs by $500,000. He created and presented comprehensive training programs in TPM that inititated Autonomous Maintenance activities, resulting in 25% fewer machine downtime events. He also used TPM to lead the teams to specify and select equipment that runs with minimal maintenance and is easily serviced, resulting in 50% less time needed for daily checks. Through TPM, Mr. Flynn has helped organizations achieve more effective relationships between people and equipment.

In addition, Mr. Flynn has facilitated and led multi-disciplined teams in Lean Manufacturing techniques, including Kaisen, 5S, and Visual Workplace to improve manufacturing and business processes. He also participated in Defect Attack Teams, to discover and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process.

Mr. Flynn earned his BS Degree from Cal State University Sacramento and has his MBA from University of North Dakota. He has attended numerous seminars related to manufacturing and is a Master Electronic Technician.

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