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Rick D. Qualls

Senior Consultant

Rick Qualls is a proven Maintenance manager with a 15 year track record of hands-on experience. He loves to drive maintenance improvement and has a solid history of cost reduction, proactive maintenance implementation, and improved communication within maintenance and between maintenance and operations.

As a Maintenance Manager for a Fortune 500 company, Rick was involved across the board in TPM, Spare Parts/Storeroom Management, employee development, Root Cause Analysis, Conflict Resolution, NEC Training, Predictive Maintenance, and Preventive Maintenance Optimization. Rick knows what it’s like to be responsible for developing and maintaining a maintenance budget so as a consultant, he’s totally aware that all maintenance improvements must have a justifiable cost leading to either savings or increased productivity.

Rick also developed an extensive EOJT certification training program that was used as the benchmark through the organization. Thus, Rick knows that at core, training and committed employees are the bottom line to all maintenance improvement.

Lastly, throughout his career, driving TPM & Reliability improvements, Rick won numerous awards within his organization related to his mentoring and continuous improvement efforts. Clearly, Rick knows to “walk it like you talk it” and is anxious to share such with Marshall Institute clients.

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