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About George Smith

George was at the forefront of maintenance improvement philosophies and best practices in the U.S and Japan. It can be said that George had a profound impact on the establishment and the philosophy of Total Productive Maintenance.

George was invited to Japan in the 1950’s to teach the principles of preventive maintenance. His technical interpreter throughout his lecture circuit was Seiichi Nakajima, an engineer from Japan, who later was credited with creating Total Productive Maintenance. George’s impact on Nakajima was credited in his first book on TPM. Nakajima’s “Blue Book” was heralded as the first of its kind and was the blueprint for all such improvements.

Through Marshall Institute, George wanted to transfer knowledge and skills to elevate the status of maintenance in the eyes of management, and increase the ability of the maintenance personnel to do their job effectively.

Thank you George, for your foresight and passion.

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