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Vision, Mission and Values


Marshall Institute is recognized as the best provider of maintenance management and reliability solutions in the world.

Mission Statement

Marshall Institute is dedicated to improving the maintenance and reliability contribution to our client’s organizational performance.

We make a difference by providing value-added solutions.


Integrity is the key to maintaining a positive relationship with both our customers and each other. At core is the concept of "giving our best" and "doing the right thing".

Our internal stakeholders have a sense of pride & purpose, and see the value of their role to the organization and its contribution to the customer.

We strive to offer the opportunity for a meaningful work-life, financial rewards, and an enviable workplace environment, that allows for personal balance.
  • We maintain a constancy of purpose and "practice what we preach".
  • We provide high value services to our customers.
  • We continually strive to improve our products and services.
  • We set high standards in terms of services for our customers.
  • We respect each other and value everyone’s contribution to our organization.
  • We value financial health for our organization.
  • We value the continual growth and development of our internal stakeholders (contractors and employees).

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