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Why Choose Marshall Institute?

Our Commitment to You
Marshall Institute is committed to your success; therefore, we bring a disciplined approach to every engagement, guided by core values and principles, enlightened by practical experience, and guaranteed to add value. After all, your success is our success.

Our Customization and Flexibility
Aside from our industry experience, services and customer care, what separates Marshall Institute from other maintenance consulting companies is our ability to customize our services to fit our clients’ needs. Our flexibility to support our clients and desire to apply our expertise in a customized approach has proven extremely effective in assisting our clients’ achieve their reliability improvement objectives.

Our Industry Experience & Expertise
Marshall Institute has been a premier provider of asset management training and consulting since 1975. Our consultants are seasoned practitioners, all bringing 10 to 30+ years of plant experience in manufacturing, maintenance, or engineering. Marshall Institute has the depth of resources and expertise necessary for success.

Our Expertise in Organizational Change
Marshall Institute consultants bring more than technical expertise. Our consultants bring an understanding that successful organizational change is as much a people issue as a technical issue. Marshall Institute has developed a robust 8-Phase Reliability Improvement Model, which has proven to be effective in industries of all types and companies of any size, large or small.

Our Broad and Evolving Range of Products and Services
Marshall Institute has developed a broad range of proprietary processes, instruments, databases, and templates designed to help our clients achieve excellence in asset management. Marshall Institute applies continuous improvement principals to our products and services, to ensure your organization has the right skills, tools, and strategies to improve performance.

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