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Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Structured Work Preparation, Scheduling, & Execution for Maintenance



Training Facility

  October 10-12, 2017 Myrtle Beach, SC Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort - (843) 449-5000
  November 7-9, 2017 Raleigh, NC Marshall Institute Training Center - (800) 637-0120
  December 5-7, 2017 San Diego, CA To Be Determined
Standard Price: $1,295


Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Overview

This comprehensive 3-day, hands-on course, developed for both the new and seasoned planner, gives you all the tools you need to help you kick-start your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling system.

In our increasingly competitive marketplace, there is less tolerance for unplanned downtime. Industry is experiencing the pressure of rising costs, foreign competition, and the need to improve work force productivity. Companies must make productive use of all their resources — labor, material, capital — through best maintenance practices. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling has the greatest profit potential of any maintenance function — a "sure-fire" way to quickly improve maintenance performance and productivity.

Based on current maintenance trends and technologies and our vast expertise, we provide you with information and activities to better equip you to implement Planning and Scheduling. This interactive session includes information on how to build a winning partnership with production, a step-by-step implementation plan, and detailed information on the daily role of the planner. As always, we present real-world illustrations on the fundamentals of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling to help you increase productivity and lower overall costs — which means faster repairs, less downtime, and greater availability.

Planning and Scheduling is a “must have system” in high performance organizations. Experience shows that the “Best of the Best” do the basics very well. Let us help you become "Best of the Best."

Special Features

  • Typical Work Management Process Flow Model
  • Support Systems Checklist Packet
  • Ranking Index for Maintenance Expense (RIME) Priority Tool
  • Backlog Management Tool
  • Work Prep Field Planning Workbook
  • More Hands-on Activities
  • Flash Drive with Tools & Forms
  • Implementation Tool
  • Post event E-Learning Lab (See details below)

At This Three-Day Seminar You Will Learn...

  • How to develop an effective business case for implementing or improving your planning and scheduling process
  • The essential support systems for effective planning and scheduling and develop a plan for improving those systems
  • The role of a planner/scheduler in an effective maintenance organization
  • The value of an efficient Work Management Process Flow by process mapping your current system and analyzing the gaps
  • How to identify work to be planned, and develop a Ranking Index for Maintenance Expense (RIME) priority system to assist personnel in ensuring work is being done in the proper order
  • How to apply the fundamental concepts of an effective scheduling process
  • The importance of proper work order closure and documentation to build good equipment history through complete and accurate data input
  • How to improve performance by benchmarking and analyzing Key Performance Indicators
  • High level concepts of project management for shutdowns and outages
  • The importance of developing a partnership with production/operations, purchasing, engineering and other key stakeholders in the planning and scheduling process
  • How to apply our proven step-by-step implementation process that combines field-tested change management techniques with a proven planning and scheduling process

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

You Should attend if you...

  • Perform Planning/Job Preparation Activities
  • Schedule Maintenance Activities
  • Manage Planner/Schedulers
  • Supervise Maintenance Work Teams
  • Purchase/Kit/Stage Parts for Maintenance
  • Manage a Maintenance Group’s CMMS
  • Interact with Daily/Weekly Maintenance Activities
  • Are Responsible for Ensuring Productivity on Equipment

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Seminar Content

Introduction to Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

What is World Class Maintenance?
Maintenance as it relates to asset management
New maintenance operating philosophies, concepts, and techniques

Support Systems

Support systems maintenance relies on to make planning & scheduling successful

Role of the Planner/Scheduler

Skills and traits of a good planner
Allocation of a planner’s time
Where the planner fits into the organization’s structure
Duties of the planner/schedule

Work Management Process Flow

Process Mapping
RACI Charting

Identify & Plan

Identification and Prioritization of Work
Planning Work Orders


Foundational Concepts of Scheduling
Types and Categories of Schedules
Influences on Scheduling
Elements of a Planning and Scheduling Process Agreement
Typical Constraints Placed on Scheduling
Factors Impacting Personnel Availability
Building the Schedule
Scheduling Meetings

Execute & Closeout

Work Performance and Execution
Closing Out a Work Order and Documentation


Maintenance Reporting
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Backlog Management
Benchmarking the Planning and Scheduling Process

Project Management for Shutdowns & Outages

The “Outage” Planner/Scheduler
What is Project Management?
Project Key Elements
4 Phases of Project Management


Shared responsibility
Example roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders
Building partnerships between key stakeholders

The Maintenance Planner’s Improvement Model

Continuous improvement tools and techniques
5 steps in the Maintenance Planner’s Improvement Model


14 steps to implementing maintenance planning and scheduling

Course Instructors

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith is an experienced maintenance and manufacturing engineer with over thirty-seven years of experience in engineering maintenance, electrical/instrument field, maintenance supervision, safety management and area operations. As maintenance supervisor for E.I. Dupont, Glenn was responsible for developing and implementing preventive/predictive maintenance schedules and developing planning/scheduling metrics and cost metrics. Mr. Smith had supervisory responsibilities over approximately 36 employees, as well as managing a $3 million budget. Having served as a planner/scheduler for over eight years, Glenn is able to cover the "nuts and bolts" of Planning and Scheduling in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner... Read More

John Ross

Dr. John Ross is a former Captain in the United States Air Force, and Desert Storm veteran. He is a distinguished graduate from both the Air Force’s Aircraft Maintenance Officers School, and the Squadron Officer’s School. He is a trained and experienced aircraft crash investigator, and a previous commander of an aircraft training detachment...Read More

Steve Giles

Mr. Steve Giles is a maintenance professional with over 37 years of varied experience in diverse roles, ranging from a mechanic to a Site Engineering Manager of a large production facility. Steve has a B.S. degree in Business Management and is a Certified Plant Maintenance Manager, a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Certified Lean Practitioner...Read More

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