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TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop



Training Facility

  October 16-20, 2017 Raleigh, NC Marshall Institute Training Center - (800) 637-0120
Standard Price: $1,995


TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop Overview

TPM/TPR requires constant coaching, reinforcement, following up, coordinating, and training to build a strong process. This requires the dedication of a TPM/TPR Coordinator to facilitate the process at your operation.

Marshall Institute offers this extensive, five-day, hands-on workshop designed to provide the necessary skills to help your TPM/TPR Coordinator. Coordinators are trained in the concepts of TPM/TPR, how to facilitate the process, how to measure TPM/TPR, as well as how to instruct others in TPM/TPR, and much more. Attendees learn by doing-40% of the training is working on the equipment, conducting simulated team meetings, or training others.

The course comes with a TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop Learner's Guide and a flash drive including:

  • Coordinator's Workshop Reference Manual
  • Useful forms for performing BECs, chartering teams, evaluating sustainment of event improvements, SPLs, conducting meetings
  • Materials to help conduct your own training class
  • Sample presentations
  • Supporting articles

The Program Is Designed To Give you the Tools...

Basic Equipment Care techniques
7 steps, visual control, Conducting CLAIR workshops, Equipment improvement

Maintenance practices
PM improvement, LCC, Lubrication, Fasteners, Inspection

Coordinator skills
Facilitation, Presentation, Training, Winning support, coaching

Implementation strategy
Steering committee, plans, metrics, vision, mission, goals

Implementing change
Why change, guiding principles, developing a plan

Developing support systems
Standards, Check lists, audits, job aids, display boards

At This Five-Day Seminar You Will Learn...

  • TPM Coordinator roles and responsibilities
  • Key skills for effective presenting
  • Vital facilitation skills
  • 7 Steps to implement Basic Equipment Care
  • How to calculate and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • How to correctly structure Steering Committees, Focus Teams and equipment

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  • TPM/TPR Coordinators
  • Other TPM/TPR Professionals
  • Manufacturing/Production Managers
  • Lean Manufacturing Managers
  • Six-Sigma Black/Green Belts

TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop Content

TPM/TPR Basics

Improving Equipment Effectiveness

Defining and Calculating Life Cycle Cost
Pareto Charts
Defining/Calculating OEE
Improving OEE


Steering Committee
Focus Teams
Equipment Improvement Teams
Equipment Assessment

Presentation & Facilitation Skills

How to Present Effectively
TPM/TPR Coordinator's Role as Facilitator
Key Facilitation Skills
Learnings from "Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders"

Root Cause Analysis Overview

Basic Equipment Care

Basic Equipment Care Objectives

Participant Presentations

7 Steps to Implement Basic Equipment Care
  • Step 1 Perform Initial Cleaning (cont'd)

  • Step 2 Address Contamination Sources

  • Step 3 Establish Cleaning & Lubrication Standards

  • Step 4 Inspect Equipment

  • Participant Presentations w/Group Feedback

    7 Steps to Implement Basic Equipment Care
  • Step 5 Improve Process Knowledge

  • Step 6 Improve Workplace Organization

  • Step 7 Sustain Basic Equipment Care

  • Participant Presentations

    Reliability Improvement Teams
    PM Optimization

    Participant Group Presentations

    Course Instructors

    Mark Jolley

    Mr. Jolley is an experienced maintenance and manufacturing professional with over ten years of experience leading continuous improvement in the manufacturing environment. Mark has worked as a LEAN Leader, directing complex projects from concept to fully operational status. His background in TPM, 5S, Six Sigma, and Quality Assurance helped make him a strong team leader, detail-directed problem solver, and a goal oriented manager. As TPM Coordinator, Mark developed and implemented a TPM program that increased “Uptime” on machines... Read More

    Nick Flynn

    Mr. Flynn is an industrial engineer with over 25 years of experience in program and project management and lean manufacturing practices and processes, successfully completing projects budgeted as high as $14 million. While working in the aerospace and defense industries, he was responsible for leading Total Productive Maintenance and Continuous Improvement projects. In these roles, he promoted and organized activities throughout the factory to achieve greater equipment effectiveness and trained machine operators to share responsibility...Read More

    David Hunt

    David Hunt is an experienced operations leader with highly developed strengths in operations supervision, event leadership, team facilitation, and improving equipment reliability and has effectively lead cross-functional teams to meet company targets. Having over 37 years in the industry... Read More

    TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop Resources

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