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World Class Maintenance



Training Facility

  October 31-November 2, 2017 Raleigh, NC Marshall Institute Training Center - (800) 637-0120
Standard Price: $1,395


World Class Maintenance Overview

Learn what ‘world class’ means and how you can get there!

Recent competitive trends have been pushing manufacturing executives to reconsider the impact and importance of increasing equipment availability and utilization, increasing maintenance productivity and resource utilization, and increasing quality and responsiveness of maintenance services in achieving World Class Status to meet world competition. Our comprehensive "World Class Maintenance" seminar will show you how to initiate and sustain a process of maintenance performance improvement; a process in which maintenance is recognized as critical to the overall production strategy by which your plant provides the product to the customer at a quality he wants and a price they are willing to pay.

This comprehensive 3-day seminar will open your eyes to World Class Maintenance practices and show you how to initiate and sustain a process of maintenance performance improvement in today’s market. Discover how your facility measures up to world class companies by reviewing benchmark data and evaluating maintenance best practices.

You will gain an understanding of the key areas for maintenance effectiveness and efficiency such as: work management systems, planning & scheduling, preventive/predictive maintenance, inventory control. Learn how to successfully engage production with key maintenance and reliability initiatives for maximum results.

  • Understand what World Class is and how it applies to maintenance
  • Apply benchmarking to measure how well your maintenance organization compares to World Class standards
  • Understand the contribution that World Class Maintenance makes to company performance
  • Know the fundamentals of the systems required to manage maintenance resources productively
  • Understand the value of operator involvement in achieving World Class process reliability
  • Understand Total Productive Maintenance as a strategic methodology for achieving Total Process Reliability
  • Apply the principles of change management World Class Maintenance status
  • Establish strategic objectives and short-term implementation steps for applying principles at your facility

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  • VP Operations
  • VP Production
  • VP Engineering
  • Maintenance Directors
  • Maintenance Superintendents
  • Manufacturing/Production Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Union Officers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Labor Relations Managers
  • Union Committeemen
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Plant/Industrial Engineers

World Class Maintenance Seminar Content

World Class Concepts

The Concept of "World Class"
Is There a “World Class” Standard for Maintenance?
Attributes of a World Class Maintenance Organization

Benchmarking—The Search for Best Practices

Definition of Benchmarking
The A T Kearney “BEST of the BEST” Study
How Does Your Organization Measure Up?
Sources for Benchmarking Data & Services

The Maintenance Contribution

Traditional Views of Maintenance
The Costs of Unreliability
Three Steps to World Class Maintenance
  1. Maintenance Excellence—Getting Your Act Together
  2. Operational Excellence—Getting Beyond the Boundaries
  3. Strategic Excellence—Fixing the Process, Not Just the Problem

Maintenance Excellence—Getting Your Act Together (Part 1)

Managing Resources Productively
Key Results Areas for Improving Maintenance Productivity
Productive Use of Resources
  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Capitals

Operational Excellence—Getting Beyond the Boundaries

Exploring Plant-wide Philosophy of Maintenance & Reliability
Shared Responsibilities Between Maintenance and Other Parts of the Organization

Strategic Excellence—Fixing The Process, Not Just the Problem

Total Productive Maintenance
Reliability Centered Maintenance
PM Optimization


Driving Force Theory of Change
General Principles of Large Scale Organizational Change
Organizing for Change An Eight-Phase Implementation Model Review—Key Success Factors Where Do We Go From Here? What Do We Focus on Next?

Course Instructors

Dale Blann

Mr. Blann is a Professional Engineer whose 30 year professional career has encompassed a broad range of technical endeavor. He has made significant contributions in the fields of: mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, energy and environmental engineering, and mechanical systems design. In the early 80's Mr. Blann was associated with the integration of computer software into the industrial work place both here and abroad. For three years he was the Marketing Director for a major software company promoting the...Read More

John Ross

Dr. John Ross is a former Captain in the United States Air Force, and Desert Storm veteran. He is a distinguished graduate from both the Air Force’s Aircraft Maintenance Officers School, and the Squadron Officer’s School. He is a trained and experienced aircraft crash investigator, and a previous commander of an aircraft training detachment...Read More

World Class Maintenance Resources

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