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Customized Reliability Solutions

When it comes to starting your reliability improvement journey you and your organization have a lot “on the line”: your reputation, credibility, time and money. Sometimes the success or failure may rest solely on your shoulders. Given such a large investment, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you work with a consultant who understands your needs and your goals.

Your goals are our top priority. To support you in achieving your company's goals Marshall Institute feels it is essential to build a customized reliability solution; after all, your plant is unique. Our simple yet vital method of customizing a reliability improvement strategy is to LISTEN. Our approach is to listen before we diagnose. We do NOT apply a cookie-cutter strategy to your initiative because we know how important it is for you and your company to achieve your goals.

Another key difference with Marshall Institute’s approach is that we try to build capability within your organization rather than dependency on us. We develop your internal resources to drive your maintenance and reliability improvement journey; this is the only way it can become sustainable.

This is a high level view of the services we provide:

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