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Remote Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment

Failing to understand current state often results in false starts in Maintenance and Reliability improvement initiatives. As the saying goes, “Even if you know where you’re going, you’re already lost if you don’t know where you are”. Understanding current state allows for the development of a Maintenance and Reliability Strategy and Implementation that leverages existing strengths while addressing true opportunities for improvement.

We are applying 30 years of assessment experience and applying it to a remote Maintenance EffectivenessAssessment (rMEA). Using data analysis, surveys, current state mapping, video-interviews and virtual tours, the rMEA assesses these key areas:

  • Maintenance Leadership
  • Maintenance Organizational Support
  • Workplace Organization
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
  • MRO Storeroom Control
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Skills Training
  • Reliability Practices
  • Informanagment Management Work Control (CMMS)

Why Conduct a Remote Assessment?


The assessment can be conducted when convenient for you and your plant. Scheduling won’t be affected by geography and timezones.


Because the rMEA does not require travel, it won’t incur those expenses. This means that all of your investment will be applied to the assessment process and report out.

Data Focused

We leverage your data and feedback from surveys and remotely facilitated interviews to identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Assessments can be conducted across multiple facilities in multiple time-zones at the same time, or in quick succession. The budget-friendly price-point helps here as well.

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