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SAP for Maintenance Planners

Many planners came up through the ranks with little training. If they were trained, they learned the basics, but not how SAP relates to their job as a Planner, or their screen configurations. This training is specifically designed for the Planner that uses SAP daily. We will review each aspect of the SAP “must know” planning functions.

This training can also be very helpful for Managers that have Planners reporting to them, so they better understand what Planners should know regarding SAP, to help the Planners generate better quality planned work packages.

Additionally, there are Supervisors, Leads, etc., that unfortunately, are tasked with Planning as well. While this is not optimal, this is a great opportunity to assist them in becoming more efficient by ensuring their SAP skills are enhanced.

Pain Points: (Do these look familiar?)

  • Getting poor quality notifications
  • Not knowing how to plan what is included in the operations list
  • Lack of prework hides chronic failures and prevents proper Root Cause Failure analysis
  • Lack of Task Lists costs both time and effort due to repeated planning of jobs. This negates the continuous improvement process. Plans can’t be adjusted for timing, wrong materials, special tools, or support equipment being omitted
  • Lack of understanding of Operation Relationships affects the scheduling process and leads to lost wrench time and poor utilization of resources
  • Lack of quality setup of Material Masters causes problems with material procurement and proper material identification
  • Lack of proper prioritization of work
  • Not capturing order types prevents creation of KPI and reporting options
  • Lack of prework causes higher costs by not utilizing warranty work, and work done may cancel or void warranty
  • Poor Bill of Materials makes ordering materials more difficult and dramatically increases the time it takes to plan a job. It also makes the final plan less reliable. Bill of Materials is not properly reviewed and maintained as part of the continuous improvement process.
  • Functional Location Object Information Screen is not utilized properly causing extra work


    Day 1
  • Welcome & Orientation
  • Notification Quality
  • Work Order Creation
  • Planning Pre-Work
  • Conducting the Job Site Visit and Developing the Draft Plan
  • Activity: Create a Draft Plan
  • Planning In SAP
  • Activity: Create a SAP Work Order Plan
    Day 2
  • What we Learned
  • Task Lists
  • Work Order Release
  • Shop Papers
  • Bill of Materials
  • Maintenance Plans, Items, and Tasks Lists
  • Continuous Improvement

Who Should Attend?

  • Planners using SAP
  • Maintenance Team Leads or Supervisors that manage Planners
  • Maintenance Team Leads or Supervisors that have to plan work

Upcoming Live Web-based Training

February 16-17, 2021 - Live Web-based Event


Hourly Coaching

Who Can We Help?

  • Planners who want to address specific internal questions, problems and opportunities
  • Maintenance Team Leads, Leads, Supervisors who have Planners reporting to them and need a greater level of understanding to coach their Planners
  • Specific Planner related SAP issues, assistance with Master data, QA Notifications, creating Components (BOM), building or modifying Maintenance Plans (PMs)

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