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Remote Solutions

Remote Hourly Coaching

Coaching is key to developing skills and enhancing performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. This is widely known and proven. The challenge however is finding the right coach, with the right approach, at the right price.

Trust is a vital component of successful coaching relationships. By leveraging video conferencing technology, remote hourly coaching builds strong relationships with powerful outcomes.

Successful coaching requires both a goal and a plan. Whether you are in need of guidance and accountability to meet reliability improvement goals on time and on budget, or you are looking to enhance the performance of your teammates, we have you covered.

Benefits of Remote Hourly Coaching:

Performance Focused

The coaching is customized to the individual, or team, with focus on increasing knowledge of best practices, supporting implementation, and following up on action items.


By taking advantage of hourly coaching dispersed over a period of several weeks, your budget can last longer. Since there are no travel related expenses, you can apply all of your allotted budget to coaching.


Time can be scheduled with the coach each week to best align with personnel availability. The coaching can be scheduled to ensure it does not interfere with other weekly commitments and duties.


Marshall Institute can provide 1-on-1 coaching to an individual or to multiple individuals within the plant or corporation. Coaching several individuals in parallel allows for continuity of message and approach, while supporting rapid and coordinated improvements.

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