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Columbia Forest Products' Old Fort facility began a lean manufacturing journey in 2005. The objectives were to improve production and maintenance workflow and drive out non-value-added costs.

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MRC Bearings

In a single year...

  • Reduced unplanned downtime by 98%
  • Reduced unplanned downtime in another cell by 99%
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Barriere Construction

  • Moved from 90% reactive to 15% reactive
  • MTBF increased by 91%
  • Cost per hour to operate equipment has decreased by 65%
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More Client Successes


Aera Energy

  • 40% Reduction in maintenance costs (1999-2002)
  • 25% Increase in injection reliability
  • 7% Increase in well on time reliability

Legget & Platt

  • Maintenance budget reduction of USD 1M in the first 1.5 years
  • 6% productivity improvement in our facility
  • More than USD 740K reduction in operating cost (3 facilities)
  • Fixed 3,178 previously unknown defects during ACW's workshop

Shell Oman

  • One formal RCA event netted a USD 1.5M savings
  • Maintenance budget reduction of USD 3M in one year
  • Increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) on a compressor unit from 56 days to 210 days and still counting

Shell Europe

  • Return on investment (ROI) is 10:1 over implementation costs
  • More than 400% improvement in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Estimates that the ROI from TPM has been ten-fold their cost of implementation

Kaiser Aluminum

  • 22% Reduction in maintenance budget
  • 17% Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • 20% Reduction in storeroom inventory
  • 40% Reduction in maintenance overtime


  • USD 1.5M reduction in maintenance labor cost
  • USD 750K reduction in material costs
  • 25% Improvement in planned work

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