Electrical Training for Industrial Maintenance

We are excited to announce that we are offering Technical and Trade Skill training and education for the first time in 13 years. We are offering three critical topics:

Basic Industrial Electricity and Troubleshooting (3 days)

Starting with the fundamentals of electricity, using a blend of easily understood analogies and basic theory, participants learn “what circuits are supposed to do.” Sophistical software using virtual troubleshooting examples then allow them to see “what the circuits are doing” and determine why they are not performing as they should— “what’s the difference?

Machine Controls and Trouble Shooting (3 days)

Without motors and the ability to control them industry would literally grind to a halt. Mastering these controls and safely operating them is essential to maintaining your operation. Learning these fundamentals comes before any steps toward automation are possible. This seminar is designed to introduce students who understand the fundamentals of electricity to the basics of machine control and troubleshooting.

PLC Basics and Troubleshooting (2 Days)

Very few machines are being designed today without PLC control. This “little black box” provides unbelievable flexibility at a fraction of the cost of the old relay logic but using and troubleshooting it is a whole new ball game.

Electrical Training Bundle

Are you looking to improve your knowledge of industrial electrical fundamentals?

Are you looking to cross train yourself or your team and address knowledge gaps?

Do your current troubleshooting techniques lead you to the correct conclusions?

Has part swapping become the method of choice, instead of troubleshooting to find the problem?

Address these issues and more with our electrical training bundle.

Save when you register for the Electrical Training Bundle!