Achieving Total Process Reliability through TPM

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Customers want your product NOW! Can you deliver it, or will they get it from your competitor?

Equipment reliability is a vital element of organizational performance. When your equipment is running, your product can be delivered; if your equipment is down, so is your business. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a proven approach to increase equipment reliability, productivity and output and reduce unscheduled downtime and operating costs. These are REAL, bottom line improvements that you cannot ignore.

This training will provide you with guidance and tools to successfully implement TPM at your company. The seminar is designed around Marshall Institute’s proven 8-Phase TPM Implementation Model. You will learn which Key Performance Indicators to follow to measure the right metrics in the right manner. You will receive an OEE calculator with hands- on coaching to allow you to determine the reliability of a specific line or piece of equipment.

In this seminar you will learn how to gain momentum and grow buy-in and support with quick wins in your early implementation efforts using tools such as Basic Equipment Care, 5S for Maintenance & Root Cause Analysis. 


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