Machine Controls and Troubleshooting Training

Without motors and the ability to control them industry would literally grind to a halt. Mastering these controls and safely operating them is essential to maintaining your operation. Learning these fundamentals comes before any steps toward automation are possible. This seminar is designed to introduce students who understand the fundamentals of electricity to the basics of machine control and troubleshooting.

Practical examples are presented using the National Electrical Code to determining proper wire sizes and materials for machines. Determining proper overcurrent and overload protection is part of the learning process. The value of a well-designed electrical preventive maintenance program is discussed, and suggestions are made for justifying and implementing one.

Attendees will reinforce theory by practicing with state-of-the-art software in an instructor led training environment, simulating and troubleshooting virtual motor control circuits. At the conclusion of this concentrated program participants will take away a notebook filled with theory and class notes to reinforce their learning experience.

You will learn to…

  • 5Electrical Safety
  • 5Motor Characteristics - DC and AC
  • 5Control Transformers
  • 5Motor Speed Control
  • 5Sizing Electrical Systems Using the NEC
  • 5Reading One-line Electrical System Diagrams
  • 5PM - Electrical Systems and Motors
  • 5Motor Control Pilot Devices
  • 5Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning
  • 5Control Transformers
  • 5Reversing Motor Control
  • 5Timer and Counter Controls
  • 5Manual and Automatic Motor Control
  • 5Reading Motor Control Schematics
  • 5Controls Troubleshooting

Electrical Training Bundle


Are you looking to improve your knowledge of industrial electrical fundamentals?

Are you looking to cross train yourself or your team and address knowledge gaps?

Do your current troubleshooting techniques lead you to the correct conclusions?

Has part swapping become the method of choice, instead of troubleshooting to find the problem?

Address these issues and more with our electrical training bundle.

Save $600 (per person) when you register for all three courses in our Electrical Training Bundle!


Our bundle includes: Basic Industrial Electricity (3-days), Machine Controls and Troubleshooting (3-days), PLC Basics and Troubleshooting (2-days)


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Day 1
• Welcome and Orientation
• Hazards of Working with Electrical Energy
• Motors
• Welcome and Orientation
• Hazards of Working with Electrical Energy
• Motors
• Induction Motors (AC)
• Troubleshooting Motors and Motor Circuits
• Recommended Maintenance and Repair Practices
• Other Best Practices & Group Discussions
Day 2
• Variable Speed Drives
• General Principles of Electric Motor Control
• Semiconductors
• Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning
• Motor Starters and Pilot Devices
Day 3
• Control Circuits
• Project: Timed Starting for Three Motors
• Project: Float Switch Control of a Pump and Pilot
• Developing and Troubleshooting Control Circuits

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