TPM/TPR Coordinator’s Workshop

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Forget implementing TPM without Coordinators!

Do not under-resource one of your most important strategic initiatives if you want to succeed. TPM cannot be implemented without skilled resources! To be successful you need the right passionate people driving the right initiatives.

TPM Coordinators are the driving force for change and catalysts for reliability improvement. They are the front line of TPM initiative execution through improvement efforts such as Basic Equipment Care, 5S and Root Cause Analysis. Their efforts build support for TPM by delivering tangible results that please management and the shop floor.

Marshall Institute offers an extensive, five-day, hands-on workshop designed to provide the necessary skills to help your TPM/TPR Coordinator. Coordinators are trained in the concepts of TPM/TPR, how to facilitate the process, how to measure TPM/TPR, as well as how to instruct others in TPM/TPR, and much more.

Participants will leave the seminar with the knowledge of TPM and the facilitation skills to train others. They will be exposed to the key elements of change management and with the tools and the resource implementation structure required to support and sustain TPM. 

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