Maximizing Asset Reliability through Preventive Maintenance Training

Optimize and implement a Preventive Maintenance (PM) program based on the principles of Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Ineffective PM programs produce unnecessary downtime due to equipment failures resulting in higher maintenance and operations costs, lower quality, and lower productivity. These consequences mean that optimizing your current PM program isn’t just a maintenance objective, it is an organizational imperative.

This seminar focuses on the tools and techniques utilized in an effective and efficient PM program. Participants will learn five key maintenance strategies; Interval-Based, Condition-Based (PdM), Modify/Redesign, Run-to-Failure, and Redundancy; and the key factors for determining the optimal PM strategy for a piece of equipment.

In addition, we will explore the five crucial questions for writing an effective PM, common condition monitoring tools, and key concepts for PM Optimization. 

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About this Seminar

You will learn to…

  • 5 Understand the common deficiencies of current PM programs and that there are rational and effective methods by which they can be improved
  • 5Develop a business case for PM improvement
  • 5Understand the basic principles of Reliability - Centered Maintenance
  • 5Apply basic principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to analyze and improve your existing PM program, and eliminate or reduce your current failures
  • 5 Understand the differences among the various maintenance strategies and identify the appropriate application of each
  • 5Write clear and effective PM procedures using good practices
  • 5Know the critical elements to implement and sustain an effective PM program

    This seminar is ideal for…

    • 5Those responsible for reviewing and improving PMs
    • 5Those responsible for program/process improvement
    • 5Stakeholders who support, or are affected by the PM program


    Day 1

    • Building a Business Case
    • Principles of Reliability-Centered Maintenance
    • PM Optimization

    Day 2

    Maintenance Strategies (Part 1)

    • Introduction 
    • Interval-Based Maintenance
    • Condition-Based Maintenance

    Day 3

    Maintenance Strategies (Part 2)

    • Condition-Based Maintenance
    • Writing PM Tasks and Procedures
    • Developing and Implementing an Effective PM Program

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