Maximo for Maintenance Planners

Many planners came up through the ranks with little training. If they were trained, they learned the basics, but not how Maximo relates to their job as a Planner, or their screen configurations.

This training is specifically designed for the Planner that uses Maximo daily. To support these Planners, we will review each step in the work management process using Maximo, with deeper focus on the use of Maximo to identify, plan, and execute work. We will also cover managing job plans, prioritizing work, gathering historical data, and preventive maintenance.

This training can also be very helpful for Managers that have Planners reporting to them, so they better understand what Planners should know regarding Maximo, to help the Planners generate better quality planned work packages.

Additionally, there are Supervisors, Leads, etc., that unfortunately, are tasked with Planning as well. While this is not optimal, this is a great opportunity to assist them in becoming more efficient by ensuring their Maximo skills are enhanced.

Topics Covered in This Training:

  • Maintenance Planning Overview
  • Service Requests
  • Work Order Creation
  • Planning Pre-Work and Job Site Visit
  • Development of the Draft Plan
  • Planning in Maximo
  • Developing and Using Job Plans
  • Capture Historical Work Data
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Continuous Improvement

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About this Seminar

    This seminar is ideal for…

    • 5Planners using Maximo
    • 5Maintenance Team Leads or Supervisors that manage Planners
    • 5Maintenance Team Leads or Supervisors that have to plan work


    Day 1
    • Section 1: Maintenance Planning Overview
    • Section 2: Service Request
    • Section 3: Service Request Approval & Work Order Creation
    • Section 4: Planning Pre-Work
    • Section 5: Conducting the Job Site Visit and Developing the Draft Plan
    Day 2
    • Section 6: Planning in Maximo
    • Section 7: Job Plans
    • Section 8: Work Order Release
    • Section 9: Bill of Materials
    • Section 10: Maintenance Plans, Items, and Job Plans
    • Section 11: Continuous Improvement

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