Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training

Planned work is 3 to 4 times more cost-effective than unplanned work

In this seminar, you will learn how to effectively plan and schedule maintenance work. You will also learn how to structure your maintenance organization to allow for planner/schedulers to be introduced successfully to a reactive maintenance environment.

You will gain an understanding of the correct process for work management from the initial work order to job execution. You will understand the roles and responsibilities of planner/schedulers. You will learn how to rank and prioritize maintenance work. You will learn Key Performance Indicators you will need to track your planning and scheduling process. Most importantly, you will learn the 14 steps to implement planning and scheduling at your site.

Upcoming Public Training Dates

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    Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

    Live Web-based Training
    3 days, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
    • $1,495.00 excl. Tax

About this Seminar

You will learn to…

  • 5Identify how maintenance supports World Class Asset Management
  • 5Identify the benefits planning and scheduling has on Maintenance productivity
  • 5Summarize the Roles and Responsibilities of Maintenance Planners and Schedulers
  • 5Define the essential Support Systems for effective Planning and Scheduling
  • 5Recognize the benefits of partnerships
  • 5Discuss the importance Process Maps and RACIs play in Planning and Scheduling
  • 5Identify the benefits of proactive and standard identification and prioritization
  • 5Demonstrate the ability to plan PM, PdM & CM work
  • 5Demonstrate the ability to build a weekly maintenance schedule
  • 5Identify the benefits of standard work execution and closeout
  • 5Discuss how analyzing Maintenance Metrics can improve performance
  • 5List the differences between maintenance and project planning and scheduling
  • 5Develop an action plan for improving your performance

    Attend this seminar if you…

    • 5Perform Planning/Job Preparation Activities
    • 5Schedule Maintenance Activities
    • 5Manage Planner/Schedulers
    • 5Supervise Maintenance Work Teams
    • 5Purchase/Kit/Stage Parts for Maintenance
    • 5Manage a Maintenance Group’s CMMS
    • 5Interact with Daily/Weekly Maintenance Activities
    • 5Are Responsible for Ensuring Productivity on Equipment

    Special Features

    • 5Typical Work Management Process Flow Model
    • 5Support Systems Checklist Packet
    • 5RIME Priority Tool

      Ranking Index for Maintenance Expense

    • 5Backlog Management Tool
    • 5Work Prep Field Planning Workbook
    • 5More Hands-on Activities
    • 5Flash Drive with Tools & Forms
    • 5Implementation Tool


    Day 1
    Welcome & Orientation
    Section 1: Introduction to World Class Asset Management

    • Asset Management
    • Maintenance Excellence
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 2: Value of Planning & Scheduling

    • Importance of Planning & Scheduling
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 3: Planner/Scheduler Roles and Responsibilities
    • Planner Responsibilities
    • Scheduler Responsibilities
    • Planner/Scheduler: Combined Role
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 4: Support Systems
    • CMMS – Work Order System
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 5: Partnerships
    • Importance of Partnerships
    • Improvement Opportunities 

    Day 2

    Sections 1-5 Learning Review

    Section 6: Understanding Processes
    • Process Guides
    • Process Maps/Workflows
    • RACI
    • Maintenance Workflow
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 7: Identify & Prioritize
    • Work Identification
    • Work Orders
    • Work Prioritization
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 8: Plan
    • Planning Maintenance Jobs: Process Steps
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Day 3

    Sections 6-8 Learning Review

    Section 9: Schedule
    • Scheduling Maintenance Jobs: Process Stages

    Section 10: Work Execution & Closeout
    • Work Execution
    • Work Closeout & Documentation
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 11: Analyze
    • Analyze
    • Maintenance Metrics
    • Backlog Management
    • Planner’s Improvement Tools
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Section 12: Shutdown, Turnarounds and Outages Planning & Scheduling
    • STO Planner/Scheduler
    • STO Timeline Phases
    • Improvement Opportunities

    Sections 9-12 Learning Review

    Section 13: Planner / Scheduler Improvement Plan Wrap-Up

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