Training Partners

NC State University – North Carolina State University and Marshall Institute have a partnered to provide continuing education to industrial professionals for over 30 years. Our flagship offering is the Maintenance and Reliability Management diploma series, which was established in 2009. Hundreds of professionals have graduated from this prestigious diploma. Many have gone on to progress their careers within their respective companies or moved in to higher positions at other companies over time. We at Marshall Institute are proud to be a part of the University’s educational system and provide continuing education to working professionals.

UTK Reliability & Maintenance Center – Marshall Institute is proud to be an approved training partner of the University of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center.  Our goal is to provide training that will directly result in knowledge transfer to the students which can be immediately and directly applied back at their workplace.

Manufacturing Extension Partnerships:

Marshall Institute is proud to partner with Manufacturing Extension Partnerships around the United States. Our partnership with state-based associations. Our shared goal is to support manufacturers within their states, providing them with a range of innovative Maintenance and Reliability strategies and training solutions.

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