Operator Driven Reliability

When it comes to equipment health and performance, few things are more important than the partnership between operations and maintenance. From early defect identification to basic equipment care processes, operators play a crucial front-line role in equipment reliability and in high-performing maintenance.

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Do defects go unreported until they cause a breakdown?


Do operators have daily or weekly routines to inspect for defects?


Does it seem like every request from operations is an emergency?

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Early Defect Identification

Through training and hands-on coaching, we can transform your operations group to proactively detect and properly document defects. Early defect identification by operators is a key component in achieving a proactive maintenance environment.


Proper Work Prioritization

Initial priority is determined by the requestor, and to ensure the most effective and efficient use of company resources, it is paramount that a process exists and is adhered to. We have multiple models and can help you apply a robust work prioritization process at your facility.


Basic Equipment Care Workshops

This collaborative, exciting, and energetic workshop is focused on elevating the performance of a selected asset. It achieves this objective by utilizing a cross-functional team of operators, mechanics, and support staff to diligently identify and repair defects while creating processes to sustain a heightened level of equipment health moving forward.


Sustainable Operator Driven Reliability Processes

From creating audit processes and tools, increasing competency through training, or developing roles and responsibilities to drive and sustain operator engagement, we have the experience and tools to help you implement and optimize Operator Driven Reliability.

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Steve Gowan

Steve Gowan

VP of Consulting Services