Certified Maintenance Supervisor

In Marshall Institute’s Certified Maintenance Supervisor (MI-CMS) pathway, we give Maintenance Supervisors the opportunity to use supervisory tools in their environment.

This certification is designed to boost the Supervisor’s job-specific competency and confidence as a Maintenance Supervisor. This certification will provide the Supervisor with a greater ability to support proactive maintenance practices at your site.

This web-based 19-week certification pathway is more than a test of current knowledge. Yes, we will test knowledge AND performance, but we also take participants through guided training and hands-on coaching to boost ability as a Supervisor BEFORE testing and certification.   


Knowledge. Application.  Coaching.  Excellence.

Upcoming Waves

Summer/Fall 2024

Start Week:  June , 2024

Tuesdays: Full
Wednesdays: Full
Thursdays: Spots Added

Winter/Spring 2025

2025 winter/spring dates coming soon!
Cost: $5,995

This Certification Includes:

Knowledge modules, which are a combination of live web-based and self-paced training with knowledge checks and tests, and hands-on, plant-based application exercises in the following courses:


Course 1: Supervising Maintenance Seminar


Course 2: Work Management


Course 3: Reliability Culture


Course 4: Leadership


Course 5: Supervisor Continuous Improvement


Certification Exams: Knowledge & Application

Certification Highlights

Designed by Supervisors, for Supervisors.



Boost Planner Knowledge & Skills

Our goal is to improve knowledge, and actual job-focused performance. This certification WILL boost confidence and capability for Maintenance Supervisors.


OTJ Application

This certification is designed around hands-on, real world application of in-plant exercises supported by individual coaching sessions.  You will be performing tasks related to YOUR team that will be reviewed one-on-one with your coach.



Attend Remotely

Supervisors will experience the certification development pathway remotely in a Wave (a group of 6 students), which will be led by a Marshall Institute coach. The weekly time commitment ranges from 2-10 hours. 



Each Wave is supported by a Marshall Institute coach. Their role is to provide guidance, feedback and growth opportunities to each participant during the knowledge modules and application exercises. The coach will lead group and individual coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does certification work?

The certification journey, or pathway as we call it, consists of 3 main components: educational modules, application practice, and examination. To become a MI CMS (Marshall Institute Certified Maintenance Supervisor) you must successfully complete all of the learning modules and associated tests, you must meet all requirements and criteria for the applications exercises, and you must pass the two final exams: one application exam and one knowledge exam.

What is a Wave?

A Wave is group students who will be going through the certification pathway together. Each Wave will be led by a Coach.

How long is the Certification Journey?

The certification pathway consists of 19 active weeks. The chronological duration may vary by a few weeks if there are Holidays during the pathway.

How many hours per week do I need to commit?

The weekly time commitment ranges from 3-5 hours

  • 30 mins – 2 hours of scheduled meetings
  • 1 – 8 hours of self-paced training or on the job activities

Note: Many of the activities you performed will be directly tied your daily work as a maintenance supervisor. So, some of your certification time will double as work time and contribution.

What if there is a Holiday week during the Wave?

We will typically avoid Holiday weeks and as such we do not require any learning, application exercise, or homework to be done during Holiday weeks. Holiday weeks will communicated to you by your Coach.

Can I just take the exams?

No. This is no ordinary credential. We don’t just verify your current knowledge. This special certification provides you with a growth pathway to deepen your knowledge and grow your job-focused competency, before we verify you with exams.

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Angie Faucette

Angie Faucette

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