Basic Industrial Electricity and Troubleshooting

Starting with the fundamentals of electricity, using a blend of easily understood analogies and basic theory, participants learn “what circuits are supposed to do.” Sophistical software using virtual troubleshooting examples then allow them to see “what the circuits are doing” and determine why they are not performing as they should— “what’s the difference?”

Students are quickly involved in real examples illustrating the use and distribution of electricity in their own facilities. The use of the National Electrical Code in determining proper wire sizes and materials is part of the learning process. Choosing and properly using electrical test equipment is important to doing everyday jobs and is covered in detail. Students get practice using virtual test equipment in practical everyday situations.

The right blend of theory and practice helps students, “put it all together.” By the end of the seminar participants will have a solid foundation for safely performing electrical work.

You will learn…

  • 5Electrical Fundamentals
  • 5Electrical Laws and Relationships
  • 5Types of Circuits and Analysis
  • 5Electrical Test Equipment
  • 5Troubleshooting Fundamentals
  • 5Electrical Components
  • 5Electrical Systems
  • 5Safety and Hazard Awareness
  • 5The National Electrical Code
  • 5Wire and Material Selection
  • 5Basic Trouble Shooting

Electrical Training Bundle


Are you looking to improve your knowledge of industrial electrical fundamentals?

Are you looking to cross train yourself or your team and address knowledge gaps?

Do your current troubleshooting techniques lead you to the correct conclusions?

Has part swapping become the method of choice, instead of troubleshooting to find the problem?

Address these issues and more with our electrical training bundle!


Our bundle includes: Basic Industrial Electricity (3-days), Machine Controls and Troubleshooting (3-days), PLC Basics and Troubleshooting (2-days)


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Day 1

Welcome and Orientation

Electrical Fundamentals

Types of Circuits

Measuring Tools

Hazards of Working with Electrical Energy

Producing Electricity (continued on Day 2)

Day 2

Understanding Distribution System Components

Working Safely with Industrial Electricity

What You Need to Know about NFPA 70 the National Electrical Code®

How to Choose the Right Size and Type Wire (Cables & Conductors)

Installing Wire (Conductors) & Raceways

Day 3

How to Wire Your Equipment (Splicing and Terminating)

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques 120 mins

Overview of Electrical Maintenance Activities