Maintenance and Reliability Assessment

Big Goals Deserve Big Results.

But before you define your goals, you must understand your current state.

If you desire to improve your maintenance effectiveness, it is vital to have an accurate and objective understanding of your current state.  Our assessment services as a solid foundation for a successful improvement strategy and implementation.We focus on understanding your strengths and your opportunities for improvement and, by comparing you to best practice, offer practical and achievable recommendations for improvement.

You should strongly consider conducting a Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment and Improvement Strategy Session if:

  • You want to be more efficient and effective
  • You are beginning a maintenance and reliability improvement effort
  • You desire an objective snapshot of current maintenance performance
  • You need to improve productivity and/or capacity by decreasing equipment downtime
  • You want confirmation/identification of your current strengths and improvement opportunities
  • You want specific and clear improvement recommendations, prioritized by criticality and timeframe, to close the gap between current state and world class


Our improvement plan will include:

Marshall Institute’s Maintenance and Reliability Assessment is a thorough, structured, and proven assessment procedure consisting of:

  • Maintenance effectiveness audit focused on:
    • Leadership and Organizational Structure

    • Workplace Organization

    • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Strategies

    • Work Management

    • Maintenance Planning

    • Maintenance Scheduling

    • Storeroom Inventory Control

    • Information Management

    • Training

    • RCA & Failure Analysis

    • Operator Basic Equipment Care

    • Equipment Design Excellence

    • Shutdown Turnaround

    • Reliability Culture

  • Collection and analysis of key maintenance metrics
  • Facility tour and observations
  • Individual surveys
  • Focus group interviews
  • Assessment result report out


During our Improvement Strategy Session, Marshall Institute will partner with your plant leadership, key stakeholders, and maintenance team to develop a custom 1 year improvement plan based on the assessment findings and your future desired state.

  • Identification of future state goals
  • Gap analysis of audit findings compared to future state
  • Identification and prioritization of improvement areas
  • 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year milestones/goals
  • Identification of key internal resources required to support improvement
  • Consultation and recommendations of best implementation practices and methods


Do you understand YOUR specific strengths and opportunities for imporovement?

Current State: 

Does your maintenance department spend more time “firefighting” in a reactive environment rather than proactively preventing failures?


Do you have a clearly defined maintenance vision, mission, and improvement plan?


Do all departments work together to ensure minimum equipment downtime and maximum production output at minimum maintenance cost?


Would you consider your maintenance practices to be “world class”?

It is very difficult to know where to start if you don’t know from where you are starting.

Let’s Get Started.

Remote Maintenance and Reliability Assessments

We are able to deliver this Maintenance and Reliability Assessment remotely utualizing web based interviews, digital data analysis, and…

The assessment can be conducted when convenient for you and your plant. Scheduling won’t be affected by geography and timezones.


Because the MRA does not necessarily require travel, it won’t incur those expenses. This means that all of your investment will be applied to the assessment process and report out.

Data Focused

We leverage your data and feedback from surveys and remotely facilitated interviews to identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Assessments can be conducted across multiple facilities in multiple time-zones at the same time, or in quick succession. The budget-friendly price-point helps here as well.