Process Guide Libraries

Formally documented procedures rooted in best practices are the cornerstone of high performing maintenance organizations. These procedures offer several advantages:

  • They serve as a standard in which performance to expectation can be measured.
  • They serve a basis for training to ensure team members can repeatedly execute tasks with little variation.
  • They serve as a foundation for continuous improvement.

If your maintenance and MRO processes are not documented and not standardly executed, then your performance is likely suffering. The challenge of moving from an environment governed by tribal knowledge to an environment of repeatable documented procedures is two-fold: Firstly, the task of developing processes from scratch can be time consuming and dependent upon resources that are already time constrained; Secondly, lack of knowledge related to best practice can result in sub-par procedures that do not increase either performance and results.

The good news is that Marshall Institute has done the grunt work for you. Our Subject Matter Experts and Technical Writers have spent hundreds of hours creating and refining a library of 23 Work Management procedures and 24 MRO Storeroom Inventory Management procedures that include over 876 documented tasks. Leverage our extensive library to accelerate your efforts to improve your performance and document your standards and expectations.

Our library includes procedures such as:

Work Management Process Guide Library

  • Daily Work Request Review
  • Weekly Scheduling Meeting
  • Work Assignment
  • Work Execution
  • Return to Service

Materials Management Process Guide Library

  • Receiving
  • New Item Setup
  • Issuing
  • Return to Stock
  • Obsolescence


Shutowns Turnarounds & Outages Process Guide Library

  • Master Workflow (Visio™)
  • Roadmap of major activities and milestones (Excel™)
  • RACI spreadsheet (Excel™)
  • 5 Shutdown Process Stages
  • Terms of Reference Meeting Guides
  • Toolkit

Next Steps

Leveraging Marshall Institute’s extensive procedure library can save you time and money while ensuring that work procedures are fully documented based on best practice. Contact us today to make this library your own!

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