PLC Basics and Troubleshooting

Very few machines are being designed today without PLC control. This “little black box” provides unbelievable flexibility at a fraction of the cost of the old relay logic but using and troubleshooting it is a whole new ball game.

This seminar is designed to bring students who are already familiar with relay type machine controls up to speed on programming and employing PLCs. Using lap-top computers and specially designed software they will simulate and test controls for traffic lights, bottling lines, elevators, silos, dual air compressors and other machines. They will learn “AND” and “OR” logic, timers and counters, word comparisons, and many other programming features.

This intensive program is designed to teach both programming and troubleshooting and will reinforce those skills with hands-on applications designed to make the training stick.

These important topics outline this course:

  • 5Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Overview
  • 5PLC and Control System Components
  • 5Types of Circuits and Analysis
  • 5Gate Functions in PLCs
  • 5Timer and Counter Functions
  • 5Math and Logic Functions
  • 5Programming Virtual Machines
  • 5Troubleshooting and Servicing the PLC System

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Day 1

Hazards of Working with Electrical Energy

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): An Overview

– PLC Basics

– Inputs and Outputs

– Grounding

Commissioning a Control Process


Day 2

Writing and Troubleshooting PLC Programs using PLC Software

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