Maintenance & Reliability Training

Maintenance training is an integral part of reliability improvement. For maintenance and reliability professionals, training enhances core competencies and increases personal value and productivity. For the maintenance department and the organization, effective maintenance and reliability training can significantly impact production throughout, product quality, cost and profitability by improving equipment and process reliability and reducing downtime. Maintenance has the potential to be a true profit center and we can help you realize your potential!

Benefits of our World Class Training

Unbeatable Value

Not only do you save on travel and accommodation costs, but we have also reduced the standard price of our live web-based seminars by passing on to you our lower hosting costs.

Expert Facilitators

Our expert facilitators are seasoned practitioners, bringing on average 20 years of industry experience. With over 40 years of training under our belt Marshall Institute has the depth of resources and expertise necessary for success. Whether it’s in-person or online, our expert facilitators will deliver the same high quality training at every seminar.


In maintenance and reliability safety is one of the highest priorities. We believe the same and want all of our participants to feel safe and assured that they can still receive high-quality training without the risk of travel or face-to-face interactions during this global pandemic.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% sure about online training, we’ll give you a peace of mind. If you are not completely satisfied with the Marshall Institute public seminar you attend, we will refund your payment, PLUS offer you another seminar (online or physical) up to the value of the original program, free of charge!

$150 Team Discount

The more participants you register, the more you save. For two or more registrations (same topic or different topics), paid for at the same time, you will receive $100 discount per registration.

Saved Time

Travel and the downtime associated with it have a cost all their own. The amount time saved not having to travel can be the difference between a relaxing and a stressful week. Having 1 to 2 extra days “in the office” can really be a time saver.

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