Certified Maintenance Supervisor

Become a Marshall Institute Certified Maintenance Supervisor (MI-CMS), without sacrificing your on-site job performance.  We give Supervisor’s the opportunity to use supervisory tools in their environment.

Implementation Solutions...

for every industry and every problem.  Get a head start or let us take them helm to achive your goals.

Training Solutions...

for every environment.  Online, in person, on site, and hybrid training covering the most important maintenance topics.

The Marshall Institute Difference

Maximum Efficiency. Minimum Downtime. Consistent Support.

Flexible, Long-Term Training And Consulting With Over 48 Years of Proven Results.

Why People Choose Us

Marshall Institute is committed to your success; therefore, we bring a disciplined approach to every engagement, guided by core values and principles, enlightened by practical experience, and guaranteed to add value. After all, your success is our success.

Our Mission and Pledge

We pledge commitment and collaboration, integrity and accountability. We pledge honesty, even when it’s tough to hear, and support, especially when you need it most. We pledge to be your partner and your guide, and to help foster the personal resources to make critical decisions with positive outcomes.

Featured Solutions

Let’s partner – in person and remote – to meet your organizational goals through maintenance & reliability solutions.

Maintenance and Reliability Assessment

Understanding current state allows for the development of a Maintenance and Reliability Strategy and Implementation that leverages existing strengths while addressing true opportunities for improvement.

Certified Maintenance Supervisor

In Marshall Institute’s Certified Maintenance Supervisor (MI-CMS) pathway, we give Maintenance Supervisor’s the opportunity to use supervisory tools in their environment.

Maintenance and Reliability Management Diploma

This comprehensive yet flexible diploma is designed for working maintenance and reliability professionals and is based on real-world concepts, strategies, best practices and emerging trends.

Process Guide Libraries

Perfrom at the highest level by documenting your policies and procedures, train traun your associates to meet standards and hold them accountable to meet performance expectations. 

Certified Maintenance Planner

In Marshall Institute’s Certified Maintenance Planner (MI-CMP) pathway, we give Maintenance Planners the opportunity to learn how to plan in their environment.

Smart Solutions

Across Every Industry

Our proven strategies and methods have been successfully applied across more than 20 industries. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your goals.

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  • 5Energy
  • 5Food and Beverage
  • 5Mining
  • 5Pharmaceutical
  • 5Automotive
  • 5Aerospace

In person, Live Web-based, and Hybrid Classroom Training

All of our delivery methods have real benefits for training, education and talent development. Aside from the ability to attend in person or from anywhere that has an internet connection, we ensure all of our training is held to the same high standard.

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Marshall Institute’s industry-experienced coaches are ready to support individuals, teams, and organizations to meet performance goals. Please contact us to inquire about partnering with Marshall Institute to improve Maintenance and Reliability within your organization.