Supervising Maintenance

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Fulfill your leadership potential and become YOUR best Maintenance Supervisor

Basic supervisory skills can be learned in any management course, but only in Marshall Institute’s course will you learn to apply supervisory skills to lead a well oiled maintenance team. This course is the product of 40 years of Marshall Institute’s experience in industry. Through group discussion, exercises and facilitator guidance you will learn how to be a better supervisor and a great leader.

Many supervisors are thrust into positions of leadership without understanding the value of their position, awareness of their role and responsibilities, and knowledge of effective use of character traits, leadership practices and tools. This seminar is designed to provide new and tenured maintenance supervisors with the knowledge and confidence to improve their performance, their team’s efficiency and effectiveness and support plant capacity. This purposeful training culminates in the creation of your personal development plan.

You will leave this seminar with energy, excitement, confidence and clear direction. 

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