10611 Langston Dr.
Baytown TX 77523
United States

ADDRESS for A&O Day: 13338 Hatcherville Rd, GATE 3, Baytown, TX, 77521 

    • First day at “physical address” instructor will drive up to the inbound security window, check in with security and let them know they are there to conduct an on-site training.
      • The instructor will have to watch a 10-15 min site safety video, and then be escorted to the back where the training will be held, a representative will be there escort them back.
      • Please have the instructor arrive 20 – 30 mins before class start time to have enough time to watch the video, get to the back, and get anything set up, if needed.
    • Remainder of the days at the “Shipping Address” is an open parking lot, they can park where they desire, and a representative will escort them to the location of the training room.